1. Night of the Hunter, 1955


  2. WG: Well, that’s similar to my experience with Plotinus or sacred texts—you may not share the worship side or belief side. I remember the first time I was visiting Florence, in the monastery buildings where the Fra Angelicos are on the monks’ cells. And looking at these paintings, which are so incredible, and knowing that you recognize that the painter who painted these was, unlike many of the painters, totally devout. Totally presenting a religious matter in the most serious possible way. And I’m not, so I’m freed in a way also from the subject matter. And what I see is painting—and, my golly, you know? I miss the power of the two together; there’s no doubt about that. It must be overwhelming for someone who can get both of them—and many people have, in one sort of blow.

  4. Barnett Newman in Painters Painting


  5. Norman Biyson: “For human beings collectively to orchestrate their visual experience together it is required that each submit his/her retinal experience to the socially agreed descriptions of an intelligible world. Vision is socialized, and thereafter deviation from this social construction of visual reality can be measured and named, variously as hallucination, misrecognition or ‘visual disturbance’.”

    - In the introduction of Vanities of the Eye


  6. Archbishop of Canterbury, John Pecham (1240-92): “The eye is not merely the recipient of action but acts itself, just as shining bodies do. Therefore the eye must have a natural light to alter visible species and make them commensurate with visual power.” 

    -Found in Marina Warner’s Phantasmagoria


  7. Paintings in progress for my bfa show!

  8. disneytoonland:

    Pluto’s Judgement Day 1935

    (Source: youtube.com)

  9. This documentary!